Day three… or five?

Today is our third day in Japan. Which is crazy, seeing as how we left the US five days ago. One day was accounted for in the travel, so I’m not sure what happened to that other day. What I DO know, however, is that we have gotten it back by waking up bright and alert for no apparent reason at 2am each and every day that we’ve been here. Ana seems to love it! Jet lag is not too far from her norm, I guess.

Okinawa is great! Still learning the ropes, obviously, but we’re confident already that this will become home. We’ve spent the past few days visiting with people from the church, doing paperwork for residence, driving around town, unpacking our house, trying to get adjusted to the time difference, etc. Ana has a little cold but seems to be recovering pretty quickly. Wes has the same cold and is NOT recovering as quickly. If only we all had brand new immune systems!
Here’s a picture of Ana and me yesterday on our back porch, overlooking the city and the ocean…

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