I know I’m biased… but could she be any cuter?! (I’m not sure why she’s doing the Saturday Night Fever pose, but she started smiling when she saw how funny I thought it was! )

We’ve been really busy here lately. We hosted a church council meeting at the parsonage last week and did dinner for about twenty people. I cooked a nine pound ham, which was an experience in and of itself. (I think Wes has had ham for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past three days. That can’t be good for his heart, but we don’t want the leftovers to go to waste!) It was really wonderful to entertain guests here, and we can’t wait to do it again soon!

Ana turned three months old last Tuesday. She’s growing so fast! This week has been especially sweet as she has very clearly begun to recognize church members. There are two Japanese ladies in particular who can get her to smile with just a few words. And I think her smile thrills them just as much as it thrills me!

We visited Shuri Castle last week on Wes’ day off. It was once the palace for the kings of Okinawa, and they’ve restored it and connected a museum to the main building in the complex. We didn’t know before we arrived, but our visit happened to fall on a three-day Okinawan festival, so we were able to hear traditional music and watch traditional dances. So awesome!

And most exciting of all, Wes and I have found the one place on the Japanese economy that sells American sized burgers. It’s a little place called Senor Taco. How ironic, right? If you’re ever in Okinawa, stop in and ask for the “Jambo burger.” It won’t look all that “jambo” if you’re used to American burgers, but it’s the biggest in Okinawa!

We’ll keep in touch…

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