Borrowed Time!

Ana has spent the afternoon screaming. No reason. No reason at all! She’s been exceptionally clingy as of late and cranky as a result, but I’m usually able to calm her down after a couple of minutes. Not today! After about three hours of hysteria, she spit up all over me (and down the back of my shirt so that I have “used” formula in my armpit — glamorous, I know!), and smiled, as if to say, “WHEW! I feel SO much better!” So, I guess she did have a reason to scream. Now it’s my turn — AHHHHH!!!!

A lot of exciting things have been happening here. I would write about it all now, but my nerves and my mind are all shot. And I’m on borrowed time anyway, as I’m sure Ana will start screaming again very soon. (She is currently amusing herself by cooing, kicking, attempting to roll over, and chewing her own hands. She’s a multi-tasker like her mommy!)

The highlights! The Franklin Graham festival opens tonight and will conclude on Sunday. Please pray for the work that will take place after the festival — follow-up is so crucial! Ana had some AMAZING one hundred day portraits taken (an Asian tradition, she wore a kimono and everything!), and we managed to order six prints for Y39,000. I’m ashamed to tell you the exchange rate, but take my word for it when I say that the Japanese will pay a lot of money for pictures of their babies! (As will the Faulks, of course.) We’ve seen God at work a lot in the ministry of the church, even just in these few weeks. Even in our own lives, we’re seeing Him call us to a greater dependency on His Word and His standard as we see others feeling conviction to do the same. People following God individually and corporately — it works!

Thanks for praying for us! When Wes and I met, we talked about how our best case scenario for our future together… was a situation just like this. We didn’t know it was Okinawa, or CBC, but God knew and knew how it was going to unfold and how He was going to continue to grow this desire in our hearts. And now, we’re here, and it’s so wonderful. I wonder all the time what His best case scenario is for Ana and for all the other little Faulks that we can’t wait to one day meet.

Gotta go. Ana is gagging herself with her own fingers. Silly, silly, sweetie bear…

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