And so it begins…

One month pregnant! (And having morning sickness, which is a mixed blessing. Good because it means that there is a baby and that he/she is causing a whole lot of changes. Bad because… well, who likes being sick?) If I look like I already have a little bump, that probably has nothing to do with the baby… well, not this baby at least. It probably has everything to do with the one I birthed four months ago!
Ana had a well baby check up today at a clinic similar to the one that Wes and I went to last month. Picture this — Ana in a gymnasium type room with one hundred Japanese babies. Urine samples, blood samples, nutritionists, baby gymnastics (don’t know what the doctor was testing, but Ana seemed to pass), weighing, measuring… whew! What a thorough check-up! Ana loved watching the other babies. I’d lay her down to change her, and while the other babies on the mat were crying, watching their mothers, chewing on their hands, Ana kept rolling her head around as far as she could so she could get a better look at the others! Little social butterfly!

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