TMX Elmo

We just discovered that the “toy of the year” is not all that hard to come by. You just have to go to Japan to get one! That’s right — we have located and purchased TMX Elmo. There were five left on the shelf when we got there, and we grabbed one for Ana and one for our niece, Kendall. Ana seemed more interested in the frog puppet that we also picked up, but maybe that’s because he had Mommy’s voice and was singing Mommy’s good morning song. (I know this fascination with “all things Mommy” won’t last forever, so I’m enjoying it while it lasts!) I think Kendall will be excited, though, especially since she is a big Elmo fan.

And I’ll say it again, like I say it every time we go to Toys R Us and talk ourselves into buying something else — we’re DONE with Christmas shopping. Hmm… maybe I should just avoid the store until after New Year’s, huh?

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