Taking a break…

If all the connections went as planned, my parents are flying somewhere over the Pacific Ocean right now. Woo-hoo! They arrive in Okinawa at 9:15 tonight, and Ana will be ready and waiting for them at the airport… which is the only reason they came, of course.

Speaking of Ana, she went with her papa to work today. That’s right, Wes took the baby with him so that I could get some last minute cleaning done! What a great guy! I’m taking a short break to clear my head. Apparently, cleaning with bleach on an empty stomach is not a smart idea for a pregnant woman. (You would think that there wouldn’t be anything to come up with an empty stomach, but you would be wrong!) I felt some relief at twelve weeks during my pregnancy with Ana, so I’m guessing that I have a little less than five weeks of sickness left with this one.

Okay, I’m feeling better, so I need to get back to it…

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