Looking towards 2007…

So, there are only about eight hours of 2006 left here in Japan. Wes and I are going back to the church tonight for a New Year’s Eve watch party and worship service, which is a new thing for us. (Ana will be staying with Gram and Gramps, since all three of them need to turn in before midnight.)

Wes made a challenge this morning in church that surprised me. It didn’t surprise me that he made the challenge — he’s talked about it for a long time, and I knew what he was going to be covering in his sermon. The surprise came in reflecting on what he had said and thinking back on my own life. His challenge was for every member of the congregation to read through the Bible in a year. Not an impossible, nor even difficult, task. While in college and while a journeyman and even during my first year of seminay, I read through the Bible each year.

But somewhere in the middle of seminary? That goal and even just consistent daily reading of the Bible fell by the wayside. At the time I think I probably made the excuse that I was taking eighteen hours a semester at seminary and trying to learn how to be a wife, and I didn’t have time. After graduating, I started working fulltime, and I didn’t have time. And then, there was Ana and a move to Japan, and I didn’t have time.

The sad truth, though? I DID have time. Even in the midst of a whole lot of life happening, there was always time. I just wasted it on other things.

So, as I look forward to 2007, I’m claiming time. Time to spend on what should have come first all along. And even in conviction over time lost, I’m excited about all that God has to say about Himself in the days ahead.

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