The Born and Unborn

Well, Ana’s good mood continued up until the photographer brought out the camera. It seemed to confuse her for some reason, and she spent the majority of the session looking at him like, “What are you doing?” That doesn’t mean he wasn’t able to get some good pictures, though, or that I wasn’t able to spend way too much money. Pictures are my splurge. I’m allowed to have a few.

I discovered something at Bible study last night. Ana, who didn’t go to sleep until the ride home from church, spent the hour sitting on my stomach, like she usually does on Wednesday nights. I think Emma is too big for that now, though. Towards the end of the hour, I started having what felt like mild contractions. (!!!) This time around, I actually know what those feel like beforehand and was pretty concerned. On the drive home, they kept coming in waves, just like in labor. Once home, though, they finally went away. Whew!

So, there’s a tip for moms who have their children really close together. When the unborn one gets big enough to make her movements felt, the born one probably shouldn’t keep sitting on her. (For the record, there wasn’t a problem with the baby. Nothing else happened. But I do think the extra pressure — Ana weighs about sixteen pounds — was not welcomed by the womb AT ALL and that some cramps/contractions were produced as a result. And can you really blame the poor old thing? It’s been through a lot lately.)

Wes was ready to head to the hospital, but I think this was just my body’s way of telling me to remember the little one, even though the big one is the more pressing demand at the moment. (Literally pressing in this instance.)

Feeling good this morning, and Ana is still snoozing…

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