It’s cold in Okinawa!

Well… it’s about 59 degrees. But for a baby who was born in the middle of a late July Texas heat wave and then moved to a tropical island… brr!!! (Plus, I just wanted to see her in her snow bear get-up. Cute, huh?)

So, we’ve noticed that the whole family is active on Xanga again! We love hearing all the details — fire trucks, police, security systems, general chaos, etc. Good, clean fun in San Antonio!

Ana is napping on the living room floor. I think she’s going through a growth spurt right now, as evidenced by her ability to fall asleep in the middle of anything. She was sitting in my lap a couple of days ago, playing her piano while I read a book. The music suddenly stopped, and I looked down to see Ana face first on the keyboard, dead asleep. I’d never seen anything like it. Would have gotten a picture had I not been sitting behind her and been immobilized by her sudden nap. She had mesh marks on her forehead when she woke up but was just as happy as she could be.

Wes and I watched the series finale of Felicity last night. Yes, Wes endured all four seasons and actually enjoyed (or pretended to enjoy) most of it. Felicity was my absolute favorite show while I was in college because I thought it was so realistic and so like my college experience. Watching it now, though, I can’t help but wonder — did I take myself as seriously as they take themselves on this show? Probably. Probably more so! Ah, college. Praise God for those wonderful days of classes, sorority life, campus ministry, and self-discovery. All while someone else footed the bills! I pray that our girls will have similar experiences… and that Wes won’t have a stroke when he discovers how much national sorority dues are.

I’m elated to report that the morning sickness is completely gone. It’s a beautiful thing to enjoy food again.

Ana is awake and smiling at me. Need to go and get her that next bottle…

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