Super Bowl Monday!

I was wondering if we would actually get the Super Bowl on any television or radio stations here in Okinawa. How naive of me! Places all over the island are hosting “Super Bowl Breakfast” this Monday morning. Live coverage! Not only this, but all of the Marines on the island have the day off. For the Super Bowl. Needless to say, there were many happy faces at church this morning.

Ana’s face was not one of them, though. We laid her down at nine o’clock last night, which is WAY past normal, and forced ourselves to let her put herself to sleep. She dozed off after about ten minutes of hysteria… and woke back up at midnight, ready to make her sleeping parents pay, pay, pay! I finally had to bring her into our bed to get her calmed down, and after about two hours of frantic pacifier sucking, she finally nodded off so that I could take her back to her crib. (I can’t sleep with her in the bed. Life would probably be easier in these situations if I could, but I can’t fall asleep with her there.) She then woke up every hour on the hour, which gave me lots of late night exercise what with all the walking back and forth between our rooms. When I finally got her out of her crib for church, she was exhausted and generally unpleasant for a good majority of the morning. I put her on my shoulder during the song portion of the service, and she was asleep within five seconds. No joke. And she slept through all of Wes’ sermon, which was nice.

Maybe she’s getting teeth. I can’t figure out why a baby who has slept through the whole night every night for the past four months would all of a sudden revert back to her newborn ways. Tonight, she went down just like normal. So, who knows?

I’m having a plethora of pregnancy cravings here lately, none of which are particularly healthy. This afternoon, I thought I would die if I didn’t get my hands on a chocolate chip cookie. They aren’t exactly plentiful here, though, so Wes suggested a chocolate milkshake, which we could get from a Burger King on base. So, we did, and wow. Where have these BK chocolate milkshakes been all of my life?! And tonight when we had tacos, I sprinkled some salsa on mine and felt like a genius because with that salsa they were the best tacos EVER!

Enjoying life and especially the food here in Okinawa…

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