A Sampling of Random Stuff

I’m waiting for Ana to wake up. It’s 9:00 am, and I’M WAITING FOR ANA TO WAKE UP! She’s already learned to sleep in on the weekends. Awesome. I sometimes forget how little she is. She had Wes’ Xbox controller yesterday and was pulling on one of the buttons, and Wes stopped her, saying, “Noooo, we don’t do that…” And I said, “Well, show her how to work it the right way!” And he said, “She’s six months old!” Oh, yeah. I guess she is kind of young for the fine motor skills and precision that Madden 2007 requires!

Wes proved himself to be “the man” last night by going to a video rental store and renting movies for us. It doesn’t sound like much, but you try doing it here when you don’t speak Japanese. When he finally held the Japanese card in his hand, we felt like we had conquered the world. Of course, we had to totally guess when picking out the movies, trying to figure out what they were about based on the boxes and who was in them. Fortunately, when we got them home, they were not dubbed in Japanese and only had subtitles, so we were able to enjoy some relatively new releases. So exciting!

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