Who just got a free almost new queen size bed? That would be us. There are some big benefits to living on an island full of military folks who are always in transition and always needing to get rid of nice furniture. Wes and one of the deacons are going to Naha tomorrow to pick it up with a huge flat bed truck. I’m sure there will be great stories about backing this huge truck up the tiny little streets here!

We’ve been homesick as of late. And while we’re committed to being here and serving faithfully where there is a need, we ourselves have needed some encouragement this week. And it has definitely come, in a whole lot of ways and through a whole lot of people. We would persevere and rejoice in being here even if God never sent any encouragement our way, knowing that feelings are temporary and that He’s working out all things for the good of all of those that are called according to His purpose… and yet He sends an abundance of encouragement. A queen sized bed is the fitting conclusion to a week of blessings. It wasn’t something we had to have but something that we thought would be nice, especially this summer during that last trimester when a little extra space makes a big difference in comforting pregnancy aches and pains. And now we have one.

Just some thoughts from our side of the world…

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