Interview with a Pastor

I just found out that there are two more babies that are on their way! No, I’m not having triplets. (Wow, that would be something.) Two other ladies in our church are pregnant and due in the fall. The coolest part, though? Their husbands have just left for a seven month deployment and will return in time for the birth of their babies! Wes thought that sounded like a great deal — miss the morning sickness, the cravings, the indigestion, the swelling, the emotional breakdowns, and return just in time for the grand finale. Yeah, he’s just a barrel of laughs, that Wes.

And speaking of Wes, he was greatly troubled by a movie we recently watched. Not wanting to secularize his own xanga site with mindless banter, he has requested an interview on my site.

So, here we go!

Jennifer: So, tell me the name of the movie that you saw.

Wes: I saw Friday Night Lights.

Jennifer: Do you want me to proofread what you’re typing? Because I just added a period without your permission.

Wes: s;ljfshdf;lkijasdl;fjsd;lfjksr;lkj

Jennifer: Very mature. So, what was upsetting about the movie?

Wes: We were watching the movie about the poor country bumpkins at Odessa Permian, verses the mean race driven Dallas Carter team. The movie had several glaring errors that I was upset about.

Jennifer: What was the worst error?

Wes: The climax of the movie was the “Texas Bowl” where the two teams faced off, but the problem was that the teams did not face off in the state championship.

Jennifer: Who did, in fact, face off at that game in real life?

Wes: Dallas Carter faced off in the 1988 State Championship game against Converse Judson High School where DC stomped CJ, but was later disqualified for acidemic inelligable players… so Converse Judson holds the title.

Jennifer: And where did YOU go to high school? (Thus we learn the reason why this was such a touchy issue.)

Wes: Converse Judson High School

Jennifer: Are you done now? Can I have my site back now?

Wes: No!!!! I wanted to post a link of a news story I found on Yahoo’s front page….

Whale sharks. In Okinawa. There’s a story that has nothing to do with what we were talking about, but it’s a good story nonetheless.

I didn’t get the movie. Plain and simple. But I was in the marching band, and I’m not even sure we knew half of the time what was happening on the football field anyway. Ha! I did think it was a bit silly that everyone in the movie kept saying that life doesn’t get any better than it is when you’re seventeen. And the real story worth following in the movie was the injured star, but they kind of forgot him in the plot when he blew his knee out and wasn’t playing football anymore. I didn’t go to Converse Judson, though, and apparently I would understand it if I had…??? (Probably not. I still would have been in the band and not had any clue about the game.)

We went to eat on base tonight, and as we were going into the restaurant, a gentleman coming out of the restaurant looked at Wes and asked him where he worked. Wes told him, and the guy said, “I’ve seen you somewhere.” Wes’ response? “Where did you go to high school?” His reply? “Converse Judson.” Yes! They went to high school together! Small world…

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