Toothy Ana!

Ana has a tooth! I was beginning to think we were in need of some baby dentures. Thankfully, though, the first is there, and the one next to it looks like it will be breaking through the skin soon. Woo-hoo!

We’re at week twenty-one with the pregnancy. Emma has been very active as of late, especially when her big sister is screeching and laughing. It’s pretty incredible that she can hear her, that she’s already becoming familiar with the sounds of our home. Ana, for her part, is very interested in Mommy’s new tummy (which I can no longer hide) and enjoys patting it. (Okay, so it’s actually more like tiny slaps and punches. It can’t hurt Emma, but every so often, it wakes her up and gets her kicking. Then, it’s like they’re fighting each other through my skin, which is an exciting preview of what’s to come!) We can’t wait to finally meet her. Nineteen weeks to go!

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