So, we survived our first typhoon. It blew in on Thursday evening, and after a rather wild night, we woke up thinking that we were “through the eye.” HA! The eye came through about an hour later, uprooted three trees in our yard, tore off pieces of our house, demolished part of the road, and cracked the foundations of stone walls in our neighborhood. We had no electricity or water for a while, and the entire house was shaking in the wind. We had never seen anything quite like it.

The Faulk Four are doing well, though. Our house smells rather wretched (sea water stinks, y’all), but I’ve got a gallon of bleach and am ready to take care of that. Just as soon as the rain stops. Emma is still on the inside, which is a good thing. I had another mom in the church call to check on us before it got bad, and she explained how, if we were in an emergency of catastrophic proportions, I could deliver this baby myself. Luckily, we didn’t have to test that theory.

Anyway, that’s our exciting typhoon story. Our Okinawan neighbors told us that this is the worst one they’ve seen in twenty years. We were glad to have experienced it… and even more glad that it’s over.

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