Emma loves the nightlife…

Emma and I spent last night downstairs, where we didn’t sleep. (I wanted Wes to get some sleep so that we would have at least one adult functioning clearly today.) You know, I was thinking just a week ago that we were past the “Emma loves the nightlife” phase with her. But she was wide awake and is just now, at 8am, settling in for a cozy, all-morning nap. I would join her, but Ana will be waking up shortly. I’m hoping that they coordinate their schedules one of these days. Before they leave for college would be nice, but I’m not holding my breath.

Ana has been a major grump these past few weeks. I discovered the reason last week when I counted FIVE new teeth coming in at the same time! Poor girl. They’ve all broken through now, though, and she’s back to her fabulous self. All those teeth make for some good eating! Meal times just keep getting better and better the older she gets. Which is great, since Emma’s meal times are followed by a shooting fountain display, keeping our hands full. I thought it was a formula thing, which would mean that this projectile spitting up is my own fault, but I’ve had nursing moms tell me that their babies do the same. I guess it’s just specific to each baby. Lucky us — both of ours have been formula shooters! I think Ana stopped spitting up altogether at six months, so we have three and a half months to go. Four and a half. I need some sleep!

Remember how I said that the Japanese government pays for baby deliveries in an effort to increase the national birth rate? They provide a set amount per child, and what costs are incurred above that amount come out-of-pocket for the parents. Last week, a rather large check was deposited into our account. Apparently, delivering a baby in an hour and a half without any pain medication is worthy of a refund! Woo-hoo! We never even paid anything out-of-pocket, so the refund was from the government allowance. Technically, they paid me to have this baby! Birthing babies could be my contribution to the family income… you know, if raising the babies didn’t actually cost hundreds of thousands of dollars above and beyond the refund checks.

That’s about it from here…

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