Truly Awesome Tidbits

We survived another typhoon. The last one was dangerous enough that all businesses closed down, no one left their houses, etc. This one was smaller, though, and I don’t think the Okinawans even noticed that it was happening. All the Americans were stocking up and hiding out, and our Japanese neighbors continued shopping, working, hanging out in their gardens, etc. Trash cans and dog houses flying through the air, and the Okinawans just keep on keeping on. Awesome.

A snake fell from the sky this morning. Actually, it was from the roof. (But from our vantage point, it was raining snakes!) I’m supposed to tell you that Wes valiantly killed this massive nine foot python… but it was more like a foot long garden snake. He DID valiantly beat it to death with a shovel, though. (To Wes’ credit, this is Okinawa, so the snake was undoubtedly very poisonous.) Now, there’s something you don’t see every day, the conservative pastor, dressed in his preaching suit, wielding a shovel, yelling, “Die! Die! Die!” Awesome. (He told me that if this same incident had taken place in Texas, he would have just shot the snake. With a hunting rifle. Which would have been even MORE awesome.)

Emma graduated to her own room last night. Since she’s sleeping six hours a night, we thought it was time. Like she usually does, she woke up at 4am, I heard her on the monitor, I went in and fed her, and I put her down, hoping she would sleep for another couple of hours. Ten minutes later, she was crying, and I went in to find an almost asleep Emma in wet pjs. I changed her into new pjs, which woke her up completely. She stayed awake and did what looked like Tae Bo moves for the next three hours, making it impossible for me to sleep through her gruntings, up until the point when I had to start getting ready for church and couldn’t go back to bed myself — and then, she fell asleep. No rest for you, Mommy! Awesome.

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