Tis the Season

Tis the season for sharing! Check this out…

Ana gets the flu and gives it to me. I give it to Emma, while Ana gives it to my parents. Emma gives it to Wes’ father, while my parents give it to my niece. My niece gives it to my brother-in-law, while Wes’ father gives it to Wes’ grandmother, who gives it to Andreya, who was just trying to celebrate Christmas.

Final count? My little germy Ana has given the flu to NINE people. We’ll see if the numbers go up!

We’re moving into the house. I don’t recommend moving. To anyone. Ever. How did we manage to meticulously pack up our entire lives into a U-Haul, a church van, and an SUV and still arrive at our new house with NO wet wipes? (Emma just happened to be poopy when we made the discovery. Of course.) We had no idea how exhausting this whole process could be. To make matters a little more complicated, our new car (bought just two weeks ago) was involved in an accident last week. It wasn’t our fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that the car needs to be repaired. It actually worked out pretty well because with our car damaged, we had to take the church’s fifteen passenger van to north Dallas with us for Christmas, which meant that we were able to pack it full of stuff on the way back and save some space on the U-Haul, saving the church a whole lot of money on moving costs in the long run. Did I just say that having a wrecked car and driving a fifteen passenger church van to our family Christmas was a good thing? I think the flu may have made me a little delirious.

We unpacked Ana’s bedding from Okinawa last night and put it in her room. She nearly broke my heart when she saw her safari animal rug, went over to it, and laid her little head on it, as if to say hello to a long lost friend. What a confusing time for our little sweetie bear, who must somehow think that we’re still going back to Japan, even though she doesn’t understand where we lived, where we are now, etc. Last night, in her new room that was carefully decorated to look just like her room in Okinawa, I think she finally got her first of hopefully many good nights of sleep. Welcome home, Ana…

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