Green Goop!

Is it possible that in a week’s time, our girls will be eighteen months and six months old? Day by day, it seems like nothing changes and that life as a stay-at-home mom is like being on pause, marking time. (We play the same games, sing the same songs, change the same old poopy pants, again and again and again…) And then, six months and eighteen months have passed, and I have no idea how it happened!

(Both girls had to sit in my lap this evening. Or maybe Ana just wanted to head-butt Emma. Which she did, about two seconds after Wes snapped this picture.)

And speaking of Emma and that shamefully dirty bib that she’s wearing (okay, so she’s worn dirtier), she started eating vegetables a few days ago. Ana would eat veggies for a while, but she always did so with a scowl and practically never finished what we prepared for her. Emma, however, has practically licked the bowl clean at every feeding and cried for more. Amazing! I’ve never seen a baby eat like that. She gets so excited when that spoon with the grossest green goop comes towards her that she starts kicking and flailing and making all kinds of crazy noises. Emma loves her some green goop!

Last night, Ana woke up crying after being down for only an hour, which is really unusual for her. Thinking that maybe she was having a bad dream, I went and got her, brought her into the living room, and sat down with her on the couch, leaving the lights off. As I was praying for her and thanking God for loving her and letting us be her parents, she reached up and touched my face, laid her head on my shoulder, and fell asleep. Life is crazy most of the time, but moments like these, thanking my Father and holding my daughter… just blissful peace.

That’s it for now…

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