Bumpy Night

After a bumpy night (literally all over!) and a scary one-week old red blotch, Emma has officially been diagnosed with an allergy to green beans and peas. Allergic! I myself don’t eat any green vegetables, and I’m still alive after nearly thirty years. But still. Emma is little (actually, she’s at 19.2 pounds, which makes her bigger than her bigger sister) and probably needs to eat healthier than those of us who are full grown.

Ana, who can eat green veggies, won’t; Emma, who can’t eat green veggies, will. (With scary results, though!) Hmm…

So, my question to you is this. What do you do for picky eaters/allergic eaters? Are there substitutes for green vegetables? Can you feed children this little vitamins?

I know, I know. Should’ve eaten my vegetables like my mother told me to! Paying for my raising, y’all…

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