Emma’s New Skill…

Look at what Em is finally doing…

After weeks of wobbly sitting, she can sit this way on her own, without falling over. I’m not sure how she feels about it, but Ana is thrilled. They’ll sit together and look at books, play with toys, laugh at each other… wonderful. They really like each other! When Ana wakes up in the morning, I bring her into the living room where Emma is sitting, and when they see each other, they immediately start smiling and squealing. So sweet!

The Super Bowl party went very well. I’m not sure how many people we had come and go (maybe fifty?), but five families were left for the last seconds of the game. I did finally get the rest of the house put together, and it looked really nice. We prayed that no one would open any closets, though. (They would have been buried beneath a tidal wave of dirty clothes if they had!)

And on that note, I should probably start working on the laundry…

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