Doctor’s Appointment

Doctor’s appointment today. With a doctor. Who spoke ENGLISH. We finally had an English-speaking pediatrician during our last month in Okinawa (he was Japanese but grew up in California, making him more American than either one of us), and while he was amazing, he was only able to tell us what immunizations they give children in the US since they weren’t given and weren’t available in Japan. Those that WERE available but not normally given to Japanese children (the chickenpox, measles, etc) I paid a whole lot for Ana to have, thinking that I was keeping her on schedule with her US contemporaries and keeping her immune from things that she could pick up back in the US. Today, our doctor gave Ana four shots and gave Emma three shots (one that was a combination)… and set them up with two more appointments over the next few months to get the rest that they missed. I knew they were going to have to catch up, but I had no idea! In any event, the girls are healthy. Ana is in the 25th percentile in height and the 10th percentile in weight, while Emma is in the 45 percentile in height and the 95th (WHOA!) percentile in weight. The doctor said that Ana will likely be petite and that Emma… will likely be the Em that we know and love so well. (I can say this because I was also a bigger-than-average baby and turned out to be a very average grown adult. So there!)

We left the diaper bag at home, thirty minutes away, and made the discovery just about the time Emma dirtied a diaper and started needing a bottle. Wes made a mad dash to Wal Mart, and seventy (!!!) dollars later, returned with everything our two little divas needed to make it through the day. ($25 for formula, $12 for diapers, $2 for wipes, $10 for two bottles, $10 for two sippy cups, and the rest on a trendy diaper bag because, as Wes said, I couldn’t very well walk all over town carrying a plastic Wal Mart sack, now could I?) This is now the official “keep in the car at all times” bag so that I won’t have to spend another seventy dollars anytime soon. At least not on this.

Both girls are already asleep. Ana has been moping around the house since the appointment, acting as though she’s been mortally wounded. Emma has also been irritable, which is really out of character for her. Wes had to leave for church, so I had the privilege of dealing with the drama on my own. I say that, but carrying them both around, all snuggly and cuddly — some of the best times ever. I love life at home with these girls!

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