Bottle Feeding

We’ve been having beautiful, sunny weather, so the girls and I have been spending some afternoons out in the yard. The other day, Ana was walking around in the grass and stopped to listen to a dog barking nearby. She turned to me and said, “Duh.” Not having any idea what she was talking about, I asked her, “What?” And she just kept on saying, “duh,” each time more insistent than the last, until finally she was pointing, stamping her little feet, and giving me the “pout of death.” (I’ll try to capture the “pout of death” on camera one day to show you what it looks like.) Finally, I explained to her that Mommy was trying her best to understand “duh” but needed more words. Ana offered a “woof, woof” in response. And I said, “OH! A DOG!” To which Ana replied, “Duh!”

Duh, indeed.

Emma’s urgent need to be mobile increased significantly this past week, when Ana picked up a new hobby.

Thankfully, she’s good-natured enough to not mind having a nearly empty bottle crammed down her throat while someone smashes down on her chest… but I’m sure she’ll appreciate being able to crawl and get away once in a while. I know I would! (Ana did prove herself to be a caring sister this past week when I was trying to clear Emma’s nose with an aspirator, and from all the way across the room, Ana came running over, screaming, “NO!!!” She tried to make me stop, going as far as pulling my hand away from Emma’s face, until I showed her that Emma really didn’t mind. She relented but continued to give me the pout of death while I completed the task. I really need to snap a picture of this pout of death, don’t I?)

And a pretty picture of my springtime girlies…

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