Not to deviate…

Not to deviate from the wonderful discussion the whole touchy issue of remarriage has prompted, but I did want to post an update on Ana, who is doing much, much better. Still a little grouchy, but she’s finally eating real food again and hasn’t thrown up or run a fever since yesterday afternoon. I thought we were about to take a trip to the ER when she hadn’t had a wet or dirty diaper in twelve hours, but she’s fine now. Whew! (Now, I’m faced with another dilemma. I’ve heard that when they can wake up with a dry diaper, they’re ready to sit on the potty. Hmm. Ana likes to sit on hers. Of course, she sits on it fully dressed and demands that whoever is in the room with her sits on the “big” potty. Sigh. Will someone take my children away for an afternoon and bring them back to me, totally potty-trained? I would really, really appreciate it!)

Emma is also doing well. The girls had their second round of shots last week, where the doctor told us what Emma should currently be eating on a daily basis. Either the Japanese starve their babies or the Americans overfeed them because we were feeding Emma what we were told to feed Ana last year at this time, which is about HALF of what the doctor here said that Emma needs! (Perhaps this is why Ana is only three ounces larger than Emma. Hmm…) With our new marching orders in hand, we changed Em’s diet and have been faithful to it for about a week now. The good news is that she’s down to just four bottles a day. What are we going to do with the hundreds of dollars we’ve been spending on formula?! No need to worry, y’all. That money is now being well spent on diapers. Tons and tons of diapers. I won’t gross you out with TMI, but four helpings of fruits and veggies in a single day do a whole lot of crazy things to such a little digestive system. I hope this isn’t the new norm for Emma. If it is, I might buy a second potty and just train her along with Ana! (Who cares that she can’t walk or talk yet?!) One woman can only change so many dirty diapers in a lifetime before she just can’t do it anymore, y’all.

And there it is — my first ever blog post entirely about baby poo. Awesome. Bet this one won’t get quite as many comments…

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