Church Business

We had two more ladies join our Bible study tonight. Fourteen ladies, ranging in age from ladies in their mid-twenties to ladies… who have been married for over sixty years. (I would never ask anyone older than me how old she is. But those marriage anniversaries leave me thinking late seventies, early eighties.) Amazing! What a great group and what a great time of sharing every week!

The girls are back home. I missed them SO much. They look like they’ve grown so much, even after only a few days! Ana is speaking even more clearly, using more words… it’s incredible how quickly that happens. Emma’s hair is getting long enough and full enough now that there are tiny little curls in the back when it’s wet. So sweet!

I’m taking on some extra responsibilities in our children’s department at church. I’m very excited about this! Wes asked me how I was going to be able to handle doing it all with the free time I have in my schedule, and I told him that I would put aside blogging if that’s what it takes. I’m convicted as of late that the study of God’s Word and ministry preparation don’t get as much of my time as they probably should. I settle for what’s good enough, rather than striving for excellence. This past week, I spent a lot of time in study, prayer, and preparation for tonight’s Bible study, and the difference was definitely noticeable. Maybe not to anyone else but certainly to me, and that was convicting. I blogged more last week than in weeks’ past, though — but I was childless for a lot of that time. (As I told Wes, “I would be an amazing stay-at-home mom if I didn’t have any children!” Clean house, laundry completely done, wonderful dinners made — wow! ) I need to give the girls’ my best attention and time as well. These days are going by so quickly, and I don’t want to miss a second of it because I was sitting at a computer, blogging about nothing.

What a downer of a post! It’s all good, though. I’m just re-prioritizing. I’m sure I’ll be around from time to time, but the days of the daily poop report are probably over. I know, I know — NOT the poop reports! What will you do without them?!

Hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying some nice spring weather…

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