We’re back from Fort Worth and in the full swing of Sunday. Ana just went down for a nap and Em is sitting here, chewing on a book. Not to worry – it’s a book that’s meant to be chewed. I’m sure she’ll lose interest soon and head towards an electrical wire or something equally forbidden.

Carson did indeed arrive on Thursday. All newborns are tiny, but he was a very sturdy tiny, weighing in at nine pounds and five ounces. (I think his older brother was a little over eight pounds, so this wasn’t too shocking.) What a cutie! I had my camera all charged and had cleared off plenty of room for tons of pictures… and then forgot to bring it. Of course. He was still beautiful despite all of this!

I got my hair cut. Drastically cut. The last time I did something dramatic with my hair was when I was eight months pregnant with Ana and got it all chopped off, so short that I couldn’t do anything to it. I rightly concluded afterwards that I just don’t make good decisions about hair styles when I’m pregnant, and I swore to leave my hair alone (aside from an occasional trim) until I was fetus-free and sane. I let Wes pick a style out of a magazine for me (so maybe I’m not quite back to “sane”) and came out of the salon… not entirely sure how to do my own hair. Hmm. The lady who cut it asked when I had last had layers to my length, and I responded that it was literally half a lifetime ago. You know, when it was stylish to curl your bangs and spray them so that they stood up on top of your head. I think she thought I was kidding. If only! I’ll post a picture of the new do when and if (and that’s a BIG if) I figure out how to fix it. It’s nice to have something different and something short enough that Emma can’t pull on it. She’s got a strong little grip!

Wes and the girls gave me a new Bible for Mother’s Day. Yes, I know it’s not Mother’s Day yet, but it came early in the mail, I knew it was coming, and what’s the point of it sitting on a shelf for another couple of weeks if I can start using it now? Exactly. The best part of the gift was the front page, which Wes signed, “To the best mom ever!” Aww! My mommy’s heart will choose to believe it’s true and that Ana and Emma would have written it themselves had they been able to!

Emma is needing a nap, so I better go…

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