Animal Attack!

I heard Emma crying on the monitor at 5:30 this morning. Thinking that she was feeling bad again, I went to check on her and found her lying on her back with her mobile collapsed on top of her. Those safari animals had attacked that poor baby in the middle of the night! I took them off of her, put her on her tummy, and she fell asleep with me standing there.

As much as I would like to think that the animals did indeed do the attacking, I’m pretty certain that I know what happened. Em has started pulling up on the sides of the crib and had likely done this (at 5am, mind you!) until she was in a kneeling position, where she had easy access to those wonderful safari animals. She pulled, they came down, and she fell in the process.

Why do I tell you this boring story? Because we’re going to have to drop the level of the crib now and remove the mobile. My sweet little newborn Em is no more! I’ve tried to get her started on sippy cups this week, thinking that I would need to start with the straw kind, like I did with Ana, then slowly transition to the kind that you have to slightly lift like a normal drinking cup. She’s watched Ana enough, though, that she automatically lifts the straw kind up in the air… which means that she’s clearly got the concept of a regular sippy cup down and can start with the normal kind. She’s been sucking away at the regular ones for a couple of days, trying to get the hang of it. (And I’ve been on the alert, trying to keep her from the cow’s milk sippy cups, trying to keep Ana away from the formula sippy cups, etc.) We’ll be off of bottles by the end of the month at this rate. This is a GOOD thing, not a sad thing. Well, it’s kind of sad.
We’ve also bought her big girl car seat. She’s well over the weight requirement, but we’re waiting until she’s almost one to put her in it. We bought it early because we found one that matches Ana’s. It sits there in its box in the garage, a constant reminder of how quickly time is going by.

I’m not longing for another baby, not desiring another sweet little newborn… but how sad is this whole process? It wasn’t sad last year because I knew as soon as Ana was out of bottles, the infant car seat, all the sweet little clothes, etc, we were about to have another one who would need them. Now, though, it’s quite possible that we’re done forever. While I’m mostly relieved about that, it’s still just a teensy bit sad when Emma bolts through another stage all too quickly.

So, good-bye safari animal mobile. Perhaps one day you’ll attack another Faulkette at 5:30am. But for now, you must be packed up and put in a closet, along with a huge box full of sweet little baby memories!

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