Mother’s Day and Graduation

Happy Mother’s Day! It’s almost over at this point, but I couldn’t get a minute to write that any earlier. We arrived back home late last night, after a mostly uneventful five hours on the road. There’s not much of anything between Brownwood and Duncan, just in case you’re wondering. I’m beginning to think that every town in Texas has a Sonic, though, and am immensely thankful that they all have Diet Dr. Pepper on tap. Mmm…

We so enjoyed getting to visit with the family and being able to watch the graduation. Thanks to Nana’s bag o’ treasures, Ana actually sat through the ceremony. She enjoyed clapping and cheering for the graduates… and clapping and cheering for herself as well. (Meanwhile, Em was touring the inside of the building, the outside of the building, and the general vicinity with Coach, who didn’t seem too distressed that he was missing the long speeches.) The girls played and visited from 6am that morning until 3pm that afternoon and then passed completely out as soon as their little buns hit the car seats. It was a good, good day.

The day before, we stopped by Southwestern en route to my parents’ house for the night and took the girls on a little stroll across campus. They enjoyed the pretty flowers, the fish pond, and the shade trees. Not nearly as much as Ana enjoyed the vending machines in the student center, though. (So many buttons to push!) They were gracious enough to pose for a picture…

So sweet!
Anyway, I can’t finish this post without mentioning the incident of the morning. Em’s “Mother’s Day surprise” was revealed when I saw her munching on something right before I left her in the church nursery. I fished around in her mouth and pulled out a dead wasp. A wasp! Stinger intact! I have no idea if it was already dead or if Em actually bit it to death. Is there anything she won’t eat?! Praise God, there were no reactions, and Emma had nothing but smiles for the rest of the day.
And on that disgusting note, I’ll say good night.

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