No Birthday Surprise…

Wes’s birthday gift arrived yesterday. Since he had long since guessed what it was, he went ahead and opened it. (We have no surprises in the Faulk house. I have reaped the benefits of our inability to keep secrets — I picked out my own engagement ring, for example — so I can’t complain too much.)

Ooooohhhh…. basketball goal! Or is it just the backboard?

No, it is indeed an entire basketball goal! We put it together last night, and Wes stayed outside until 10pm, testing it out. It was/is a good gift. Yay!

I was cleaning up our garage yesterday and discovered three boxes that I had never unpacked. Oops. Lots of clothes and books, so not a huge deal. I’m going to try and get back out there today during nap times to make sure that there aren’t others. Wes’s parents are coming down this weekend, so I’ve been getting everything done for Sunday so that it’s not left for the end of the week when we have guests.

I think I hear the girls waking up, so that’s it from here!

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