The San Antonio family is in town this weekend, and the girls are having a blast. Ana is so beside herself with glee that she started eating green vegetables today. !?! Until now, the mere scent of green beans would induce gagging, but she ate nearly a fourth of a cup of them today. Because Nana said they were good, I guess. (I’ve also told her this, but she could probably tell that I was lying, as I also hate green vegetables. She’s perceptive like that.)

Other awesome tidbits…

– The swingset/playhouse is FINISHED! Every plank of wood, every nail, every little doo-dad, and every thing-a-ma-bob is in place. Yippee! Now, Wes can get started on rebuilding the fence.

– We bought the girls a two seater wagon for Christmas and just opened it recently (now that the weather is nice and warm) to discover that we were missing a part. I called to order the part, and it arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. The wagon is built, and the girls are, as I suspected they would be, totally adorable riding around in it.

– I found birthday party invitations that have a picture of Oscar the Grouch on them. Oscar the Grouch! I also found some matching cups and goody bags. I had looked online for Oscar party supplies, out of curiosity, when Ana’s fascination with him continued for more than a few days. (She still walks around talking about him!) Anyway, I couldn’t find any, so I was shocked to come across some when we were shopping. How excited is she going to be when she sees her beloved Oscar on her birthday party supplies?! Probably as excited as Em, who couldn’t care less at this point. Oh, well — I was excited about it! (Okay, so I showed the cups to her on Sunday morning, and she shouted, “OKARS!” Guess she’s excited after all!)

– Wes’s family picked up BBQ tonight… from the casino. There’s a BBQ restaurant, a really good one, inside the casino here in town, just a few miles from our house. Wes and I have wanted to go for a long time, but we were pretty sure that if we ever did, someone from the church would see us and conclude that we were gambling our life savings away inside. (Of course, to assume this, they would have to be inside the casino as well, so, hmm…) Anyway, you never know what people are going to think and conclude, so we just avoided it on principle and to stay above reproach, wondering from afar how the BBQ was. So, yay for my inlaws! Now we no longer have to wonder! (The BBQ was awesome, with a very sweet sauce. Mmm… forbidden casino BBQ!)

– Wes saw striped cows today. One of our dachshunds is striped, a pattern that is actually called “brindle.” So, for those who are wondering — yes, brindle cows exist. And they’re living halfway between Lawton and Duncan. (I think Wes was more excited about this than I was about the Oscar the Grouch cups.)

Well, I thought I had a lot to tell, but I can see now that it was a whole lot of nothing. Wow. Hope your weekend is going well!

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