Family Size

How did you know when your family was complete? How did you know when you were finished having children?

I’ve been wondering about this ever since… oh, since Ana was a few minutes old. Before either of the girls came along, it was easy to conclude and trust that God would be the one to determine the size of our family and that we would have as many as He would allow. Now, though, when the sheer volume of diapers consumed in our household is beyond anything I could have comprehended in my pre-baby days (and we only have two!) and I seriously doubt that my sanity would allow me to parent more than a few, I wonder what’s wise. I know that God provides all that we need and that He won’t bless us with children that He won’t enable us to care for and provide for, but I question what part we as parents should play in determining family size.

I’m not on the bandwagon either way. Just thinking through this issue and wondering what nuggets of wisdom all of you out there have to share.

So… how did you know what was right for your family?

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