At Home

Wes is at children’s camp this week and has called home several times to say that he is completely exhausted. You mean, running around after fourth and fifth graders in the summer heat is exhausting? No way!

My parents came into town to help out with the girls while he’s gone. They’re at their hotel right now, taking naps while the girls nap here at home. I don’t know who are the exhausters and who are the exhaustees — the girls or their Gram and Gramps! I spent yesterday decorating my room for VBS, which is next week. It’s an island theme this year… so I hope Wes wasn’t planning on wearing any of his Hawaiian shirts anytime soon, since they’re all being used as decorations. (We now also own more beach/pool gear than we can probably use in a lifetime.) I’m teaching the 1st and 2nd graders, each group twice a day. Woo-hoo! Ana and Em will get to be a part of the preschool class this year, where Em and her non-walking compadres are going to roam from activity station to activity station in a red wagon. I absolutely LOVE how our church tries to make children’s ministry fun for everyone — even the nursery babies! I’ve been finishing up preparations and getting very excited about this next week.

We miss Wes. The Spurs lost the last game of the series last night, and the fairly close finish was so anti-climactic without Wes writhing and screaming over every missed shot. What was worse was that I had to call his cell phone and leave the disappointing news on his voice mail, as he is obviously not getting any coverage of the playoffs right now. He called this morning and was appropriately distressed. He said that the Spurs were just getting too old. “Too old” meaning that most of their players are in their thirties. Which should be insulting to me, but eh. He’s probably right.

Ana, Emma, and I went with my parents to the mall in Lawton today so that the girls could play on the neat kiddie equipment inside. One very enthusiastic boy chased Ana around the entire time, even after she shot him the pout of death several times and kept trying to stalk away from him. Meanwhile, another little boy was trying to give Em kisses… which she accepted with a smile! Papa Wes is going to have to beat the boys off with a stick one of these days!

Did anyone catch the last episode of Lost? I had to force myself not to turn it on so that Wes and I could watch it online together, both of us seeing it for the first time, when he gets back. Did anything get resolved? Does it make any sense? Am I going to be angry that I have to wait until next fall to get any answers? Hmm…

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