Farewell, Formula!

We bought Emma her last three super-sized cans of formula today. One can of powder is lasting a little over two weeks these days, which means that she’ll be finishing it and the three little sample cans we have, all up by her first birthday. No more formula! Haaaa-le-luuuu-jah! Haaaa-le-luuuu-jah!

Ana fed Emma thirty Cherrios in the span of one minute this morning. I counted. Em kept opening her mouth wider and wider, and Ana kept dropping them in. I finally had to step in and stop them so that Emma could chew and swallow, but as soon as she had accomplished that, she opened her mouth again, and Ana went right back to dropping them in. This, my friends, is what passes for fun in the “under two” world. While we were out shopping today, I had them facing one another in their strollers, and they spent ten minutes laughing hysterically at each other, over nothing at all. The other day, I snuck into the living room, unnoticed, to see what they were doing as they played together, and Ana stopped what she was doing, hugged Em’s neck close to her, and kissed the top of her head with a loud, “Mwah!,” all while Em squealed and laughed. When they’re older, will they believe that they were ever so sweet with one another? I can’t even imagine.

Of course, Ana did knock Emma out of the way when they were both playing on the piano today, and Emma did try to eat a page out of Ana’s Oscar the Grouch coloring book. But I prefer to forget those episodes, so moving along…

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