Girls’ Vacation

We’re back from our weekend whirlwind trip to San Antonio. Our car’s air conditioner died during the seven hour trip down, and I can’t really say that I blame it, seeing as how it must have been at least two hundred degrees outside. After some excitement surrounding that, our very sweaty bunch made it to Coach and Nana’s, where Ana and Emma had their first “swim” in the pool.

(These floaties were especially helpful in that they allowed both girls to float away from the six miniature dachshunds waiting to attack them with kisses all around the perimeter of the pool. The puppies love the girls, but the girls most decidedly do NOT love the puppies. At least not yet.)
Kevin and Elise’s wedding shower went really well. The house was full of guests and gifts, and they received enough in just that one evening to set up a very nice home. What a blessing! We really enjoyed getting to visit with family and friends again and can’t wait for the wedding next month.
Our car’s AC was fixed while we were in town, which worked out really well. If it had broken on us up here, we would have been without a car, but because it happened in San Antonio, where we ride to and from places with family anyway, we hardly missed it. Praise God! (And the problem was covered under warranty. Woo-hoo!)
Wes and I drove back yesterday, taking a leisurely trip since our usual reasons for rushing home (ie, two tiny tots who don’t tolerate all day trips) were still in San Antonio. That’s right — the babies are taking a vacation away from boring old Mommy. This is their first sleepover at Coach and Nana’s and also the longest amount of time that either of them has been away from us. There were some major tears shed when we said goodbye (all mine, of course!), but after calling to check on them today and hearing what fun they’re having, I feel better. There’s no shortage of things that I could be getting done without little hands “helping,” so I will likely keep myself busy until we’re all reunited on Friday. Yes, Friday. This is like a lifetime for me, people!!!

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