Fun Pictures

EDIT: Uh… any ideas about what might cause green diapers? Ana doesn’t eat greens, and Em is allergic. They’ve eaten their normal diet today, nothing strange. Is this something I should be concerned about or just a fun surprise from their digestive tracts to me?

Wes left this afternoon for youth camp, and thus, Camp Faulkette has officially begun here at home. The camp agenda hasn’t deviated from the regular routine so far, but we have plans. Big plans! (Big for an almost one and an almost two year old, that is.) Ana has already started making plans of her own, which seem to include assuming pastoral duties at Western Heights in Papa’s absence…


Our garage door is still on order. Did I write about this earlier? We’re replacing our garage door, but wouldn’t you know it? The company we’re using didn’t have the right color in stock. Rather than settle for something that doesn’t match, we had them order the right color, which would take a month to come in. In the meantime, seeing as how we can’t open and close our garage door, I’ve been bringing the trash can through the house to take it out to the curb on trash day. Eww. I know. Even better, Wes has brought the lawn mower through the house. Just right through the living room! Every time I do this, I tell our watching girlies, “This is not normal!” to hopefully prevent them from thinking that our temporary hillbilly ways are acceptable.

The C25K training is wearing me out. Very literally. I confess — it’s been a long time since I’ve had a such a good run that the “if my heart explodes and I die right here, how long will it take before someone finds me?” thought crossed my mind. But it did today! Wes usually pushes the double stroller while we run, but I, of course, had to do it for myself today and can give him some past due credit for how hard he has been working. You wouldn’t think two little twentysomething pound bundles of joy would feel like 300 pounds on wheels when put into a stroller, but they do! It’s even more exciting when Ana, imitating her latest Elmo video demonstration, starts yelling, “Jump! Jump!” and pumps her little legs so violently that she rocks the stroller. (Elmo talks about “jumping” in the video. Is there anything Elmo doesn’t cover in Elmo’s World?) The motoring world is very kind to mommies pushing strollers, though, as I had several drivers stop and motion for me to cross the street first along the way. This usually happened when I would have welcomed a break and made me even more exhausted as I had to hustle to get out of their way AND keep running at a respectable pace until they were out of view, lest they started thinking I’m an out of shape wimp. Which I am. I’ve got to start having more faith that every day is giving me a little more endurance and that I won’t always run clutching my side and gasping for breath. I well remember when I first started running in Namibia and how, on one particular occasion, a man working in a yard leaned over the lawn’s wall to watch me as I plodded by, yelling encouraging words in Afrikaans as I gave him a very weak wave. (I was running with a triathalon training group, and some of the men had already lapped me once. I know — what WAS I thinking?!) In my mind’s eye, I’m seeing that kind Namibian gentleman, who by now would surely be even more impressed that I’m still plodding on, even with two children in tow, right?

I have a whole long list of things I could be getting done, so I should probably get to it. Here are some cute, cute pictures of the girls this past weekend before we went to cousin Makayla’s first birthday party. (Makayla is my cousin’s daughter, so she’s their… third cousin???) That made our THIRD trip to Texas in one month. I wouldn’t mind not seeing the Red River again for a long, long while, but alas — I’m sure I will.

(Em had a very cute bow to match, but she wasn’t wearing it for this picture. Of course.)

You see Ana’s outfit? Okay, this was just a couple of days ago. Here’s a picture of Ana from late June of 2007…

I feed her! I promise! Genetics are a funny, funny thing. Wes’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother are all under five feet, and while that trait skipped Wes, it looks as though it won’t skip Ana. We’re saving a fortune on clothing now…. which is good, since we’ll apparently be shopping at the specialty petite stores when Miss Faulk is a teenager. (Sandi, I’m putting these new pictures on the June snapfish album!)

Okay, I’m really going to go now…

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