Losing a Child

Last December, the great-grandson of one of the couples in our church was found in his crib not breathing. The paramedics were able to revive him, but he had been so long without oxygen that the doctors were certain that he’d never live a normal life again and that it was entirely probable that he would pass away in the hospital. Since then, his parents have recruited countless numbers of people to pray with them that God would heal little Jace and receive glory from the situation. Jace has gone from a feeding tube to eating regular food, from not being able to swallow to taking a sippy cup, from hardly moving to sitting up on his own, from not having much response at all to smiling at his Mommy… great and wonderful developments that doctors said were impossible.

This past week, Jace had a full and memorable July 4th with family and friends, fell asleep in his Mommy’s arms, and woke up in Heaven.

As I sat there at his memorial service today, I unabashedly cried as his precious mother stood before a packed sanctuary and told how thankful she was for every kiss she was able to give him, for every minute they had together, for all that God had done. The constant refrain, from the beginning of his illness and continuing on even today — God is STILL good.

After the funeral, I sat in the car and cried as I told Wes that if that had been either of our girls, I wouldn’t even want to live anymore. Not because I don’t trust that Jesus holds them on the other side of eternity and not because I mourn like one without hope… but because I would want to kiss those little cheeks and put their tiny heads on my shoulder, be their Mommy and let them be my little bears, treasuring them and clinging to them until I had no strength left.

And it hit me, as it has again and again this year, as I’ve read about, prayed for, and met many mommies whose little ones left for Heaven so unexpectedly soon… that God demands that I cling only unto Him. That I put my hope and my dreams on eternity with Him. That I not make idols even out of the blessings He has given. That I trust Him with everything, even when it seems like He’s taken everything from me.

I’m so challenged and so heart-broken by all of this. God is STILL good. I want to trust Him more.

If you’re interested in reading Jace’s story or encouraging his family, his mother has a blog at…


Praying that you are blessed and encouraged where you’re at…

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