Curious Markings

We noticed some “curious markings” on Emma’s arm late this afternoon. At no point today did we hear her screaming or crying while she and Ana were playing, so we were hesitant to admit that the markings did, in fact, resemble… teeth marks. (Oh, boy.) I tried to rationalize that perhaps Em bit herself since she’s teething. The only problem with that theory is that she only has two teeth, and the red imprint on her arm was clearly of eight teeth. Eight teeny tiny teeth. Last time I checked, Wes and I have full sets that aren’t teeny or tiny. And while Ana has more than eight teeth, they’re about the same size as the markings. (And logically, all of her teeth wouldn’t show up unless she had Emma’s whole arm in her mouth, which is impossible given the sheer girth of Em’s limbs.) I refuse to believe that Ana bit her sister maliciously, as there was never a scuffle or upset today. If anything, Ana was slobbering all over her with kisses and hugs… mabye a little too eager to make her smile. Hmm… I do this thing with Emma where I pretend to “bite” her neck, her legs, her arms, her tummy — you know, tickle her — which always produces squealing laughter. She absolutely LOVES it, and I think Ana has learned from me, in the process, that a sure fire way to get Emma to smile and laugh is to “bite” her. Grrreeeaaattt.

So, how have your kids imitated you and left you feeling (and looking) like a fool? Anyone? Anyone at all? Just me, then? Okay, that’s what I thought.

See? If it had been malicious, would Emma be so willing to sit there so nicely with her? (And that’s paprika around Ana’s lips. Ana loves her some spicy potatoes. And look at Em, finally resigned to take that sippy cup! Just in time, too, as this picture clearly shows that she was about to starve.)

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