Odds and Ends

We increased our time with the C25K today, and as predicted, it was a challenge. I pushed the double stroller, so even my arms feel like Jello. However, I’m encouraged. Encouraged that I’m in better shape now than I was at the beginning of the summer. Encouraged that in another five weeks, I’ll be in better shape than I am. What we’re doing isn’t an impossible task to achieve or maintain, so I’m really hopeful that we’ll stick with it, even after the challenge of adding running time each week is complete. (And I lost five pounds last week. Which isn’t the point, but still… woo-hoo!)

Em is super active these days. I don’t remember Ana running around and acting crazy like this when she was turning one. Emma refuses to let go of the furniture while she’s walking, which is fine (she’ll “freestyle” it in her own time), but she’ll hold onto the couch with one hand, bouncing up and down on her legs, screaming and laughing like she’s doing the coolest thing ever. Ha! Just have to grab that little face and kiss it! (Not bite it, however.) Ana is starting to learn how to pretend and has, several times now, laid down near me, closed her eyes, and “snored,” peeking at me every so often to see if I see that she’s pretending to take a nap. I’ll say, “Ana’s taking a GOOD nap!,” which makes her shut her eyes even tighter and snore even louder. Ha! Just have to grab that little face and kiss it! (When she’ll let me.) They’re so great.

The ladies’ Bible study group is starting a study of the book of Mark. Actually, we started it a couple of weeks ago. I felt like a big ol’ talking head during our last study and have made a concentrated effort to not be so structured and type A with this study. No powerpoint, no big outlined points, no structured discussion questions… which has been different for me. Last night, I felt woefully unprepared as a result. I’m still learning, obviously. We’re doing some new things with our children’s Sunday school in September — big group worship time, chronologically teaching through the Bible in 52 weeks, team teaching, puppet shows, etc. It’s going to involve a lot of prep work, but since (as mentioned earlier) I’m a super structured type A person, this is a dream come true. I pray that God’s Word will bear fruit in the lives of these children and that our teachers will be encouraged, our church as a whole will be encouraged, as we follow Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations… or at least our tiny little section of this one, right?

And on a TOTALLY unspiritual note, I’ve been reading the last book in the Harry Potter series. I know, I know — didn’t I read it last year when it came out, like the rest of you obsessive Harry Potter people?! Well, I did. We couldn’t buy a copy in Japan (or at least not one in English — imagine that), and we couldn’t find anywhere to order it online that would ship a copy to Japan. So, we pre-ordered it from Amazon, it shipped to my parents, and they brought it with them when they came to help us through Emma’s delivery and newborn days. I insisted that Wes read it first, and he read the majority of it WHILE I WAS IN LABOR. (To his credit, he put it away when I started screaming that “she’s coming out — AHHHHH!!!” He’s a good husband.) Anyway, he finished it up several hours after Em was born and passed it along to me. It was my companion on those nights that I found myself nursing, cuddling, rocking, dozing with tiny little Emmykins, as I read when I could to pass the time. After a couple of weeks, I finished the book, and when Wes asked me how it was, I told him that it was VERY confusing and a whole lot of things didn’t make any sense. At some points, I seriously thought that the book said that Emma was The Girl Who Lived and that Wes killed Dumbledore and that we were all going to have a drink at the Leaky Cauldron, just as soon as Emma finally dozed off. On a second reading, however, I can see that my new baby haze colored my reading of the text (imagine that!) and that it all makes good sense. Ahh. Welcome back, functioning brain.

Bless you for reading this far. If you get a chance, you need to go over to my mother-in-law, Sandi’s, blog. This weekend they had to put down two of their precious dachshunds. If you’re a dog owner or just a dog lover, you know how they can become part of the family and how painful saying goodbye to them can be. She has pictures of them up and shares some really sweet memories of them. I hope you’ll leave a comment to encourage her, as this has all happened suddenly and during a very busy time in my in-laws’ ministry.


Hope you’re having a blessed beginning to a blessed week…

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