Two Years Old

It’s “Happy Ana” today. Or at least that’s what Ana is calling today, having somehow left out the word “Birthday.” She woke up this morning to find a very exciting gift from Mommy and Papa waiting for her in the living room…

Who loves it more, though — Ana or Papa?

And the charm bracelet. Both of our girls have James Avery charm bracelets, a special birthday present from Mommy and Papa, with one charm added for each birthday. Ana’s bracelet has a Texas (for her 2006 birthday, when she was born in Fort Worth), a passport (for her 2007 birthday, when she was living in Japan), and a “Big Sister” (for her 2008 birthday, to celebrate all the fun she’s had this year with her Emmy).

Last year, she flung it around and tried to put it in her mouth, so mild interest (pictured above) is a big improvement.

And speaking of little sisters, Em discovered Oreos yesterday.

As messy as this looks, it wasn’t even half of the damage. There was Oreo goop on her hands, on her feet, on the chair, on the table… bleh.

I know for certain that I won’t be able to post on Saturday, which is Emma’s big day, but I’ll be sure to take pictures of her eating her charm bracelet, which I’m sure she’ll try to do. (For those who are curious, Em’s bracelet has a passport charm and a “Little Sister” charm.)

A two year old! How is that even possible!?!

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