Doctor’s Appointments

EDIT: I wrote all about my dogs’ health and yet totally left out that Ana and Emma also went to the doctor! (I’m one of those people, aren’t I?) Ana is moving away from the tiny end of the percentiles towards average, and Em is moving away from the huge end of the percentiles to average. So for those who predicted that Ana would be an Olympic gymnast and that Em would be an NFL linebacker, they will probably be just like Mommy and Papa — totally and completely average!

Because I know you’re all waiting on pins and needles for the results, BC received a clean bill of health from the vet today. She went a step beyond healthy, though, and received some praise for her tone and good weight carriage. (Translation: she’s not overweight, as are many miniature dachshunds.) If I would just get some doggie orthodontic work done to correct that overbite, she’d be perfect. But who wants a perfect dog? Not me. That tiny little bit of tongue that won’t fit into her mouth just adds character.

The vet told me about a uterine condition that can be fatal in dogs, a condition that develops and turns toxic within just a few days. He said that Blue’s symptoms fit the disease and that he was fairly certain this must have been what she had. There was/is no cure apart from an emergency hysterectomy, which might have come too late anyway, given how quickly the toxins start spreading. I was sad to hear this, sad that we didn’t have any idea that this was happening… and yet very relieved. I had gone through a million different ridiculous and guilt-inducing reasons why Blue’s passing was somehow my fault, but it wasn’t. I feel more at peace about it all now.

Don’t you love the opening ceremony of the Olympics? And how precious was that little boy who walked in alongside Yao Ming? (And how HUGE is Yao Ming!?!) All those countries, all those people… God knows each and every one of us by name, right where we’re at. What a humbling thing, to consider how small we are in the grand scheme of things, yet how precious we are in His sight…

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