Someone joined our family today…

We just can’t be a one dog household, y’all. Is life as a dog owner really full and exciting unless someone is chewing up everything and struggling to be housetrained? Of course not. We needed a puppy!
We located this lovely red piebald dachshund at splashofclassdoxies in central Oklahoma, talked with the breeder a few times over the phone, and adopted her today. Ana is calling her “baby puppy,” but we’ve named her Reese. (We originally went with flower names for all of our dogs — “Buttercup’s Sweet Smile” and “Bonnie Blue Texas Bluebonnet” were their AKC registered names. But we couldn’t think of another flower name, and Wes sure does loves Reese’s Peanut Buttercups, so…) Both Ana and Emma are very excited about her, and BC has been more active and playful today than we’ve seen her in a long while.
I heard giggling from the backseat today on our long ride to the breeder’s and turned around to see this…

Just holding hands and watching Dora together. How cute are they!?! (And they were wearing these same rompers in the last car picture that I took of them. Two different days, much loved rompers.)

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