Around the House

Ana hasn’t had any more potty successes after her initial triumphant trip this weekend. Emma is successful as long as we can get her there in time, since she hasn’t figured out that we need her to tell us that she has to go. (She’s still pretty young for that, though.) My sister waited until a couple of months before my niece’s third birthday to potty train her, and she was literally done — no accidents or anything — with the whole process after just a week. I’m beginning to think that’s a wiser route than the countless hours that Ana, Emma, and I have spent in the bathroom, reading, singing, and waiting for something to happen. Just another one of those parenting situations where I find myself wondering if we’re doing the right thing. Oh, well. I’m sure they won’t leave for college with a box of Huggies in the back of their car, right?

I can’t believe that we’re almost halfway through the month of October. I need to get some info sheets/ads done for the Fall Festival, but other than that, I think the prep work is done for that event. I’m spending my extra time working on curriculum for Sunday school and studying up for the new ladies’ Bible study we’re doing on Sunday nights. I’m glad to be able to be involved in some ways here at the church. I felt like I didn’t do much of anything at our church in Okinawa… but I always had a newborn there, so maybe there was a reason for that, huh?
I’ve made it my mission to change out the girls’ wardrobe at some point this week. Or next week. It’s hard to pinpoint a good time to switch out the summer clothes for the winter clothes when the weather keeps switching back and forth. Lately, the dogs are acting like fall is finally here, though, so I can assume that means that the weather is indeed changing. Anyway, I need to take inventory of what the girls have, what fits/what doesn’t, and what we’ll need to get them before it gets much colder. My great fear is that Em will be too big to fit into Ana’s hand-me-downs from last year and that Ana will still be too small for Kendall’s hand-me-downs from two years ago. (Yeah, Kendall is only a year older than Ana BUT a whole foot taller. Someone’s Daddy is over six feet tall, while another someone’s Papa is only 5’7. This makes a difference.) I’ll have to go through everything to find out, though, so that’s at the top of my to-do list.
Ana has become her sister’s keeper. I was working in the kitchen while Ana ate her breakfast, and she told me, “Mommy! Emmy crying!” Sure enough, Emma was crying in her crib, and I just hadn’t heard her. When I brought her in, Ana was insistent that I get an “Emmy pancake” and an “Emmy milk” ready immediately so that they could eat their breakfast together. So bossy. She spent a good long time last night running around the house screaming, dragging a squealing Emma along with her, until they finally collapsed on the floor in a dog pile, laughing at each other. As long as they’re not beating each other up, I’ll take the noisy squealing and screaming and not complain about it.

Well, wow. This was a post about absolutely nothing. Not too much to report on around here, though…

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