Fall Clothes

I’ve started sorting through mountains and mountains of clothes and have discovered that both of our girls are able to wear the 18 month clothing that Ana was wearing at this time last year. Ana still has to have elastic waistbands on most pants, though. I put her in regular jeans last night, and they promptly fell right down to her knees. (Em’s, which were the same size, were nice and snug around her waist.) This is no big deal, though, as she has a whole bunch of elastic band pants and stretchy pants. So, I think we’re set for this cool weather. Yay!

Emma’s hair is finally long enough to style. Last night, Wes and I were talking about how feminine she looks. (I hope she never loses those curls!) She’s growing up so fast!

Ana also looked cute, of course…

(And thanks to Megan for the cute bows! If you’re looking to buy some adorable bows of all shapes, sizes, and colors, let me know, and I’ll direct you to Megan’s selection.)

I’m currently in the midst of an exciting auction on eBay. And by exciting, I mean that I’m seriously doubting that I should have bid as much as I did while also remaining totally prepared to bid even higher if someone tries to outbid me. How can I be both at the same time? I don’t know, but I am. This is a long-coveted purchase that neither Wes nor I have ever been able to find, and once we saw it, we knew it was perfect. Long term, precious keepsake, totally-worth-it purchase. I would tell you what I’m bidding on, but I have a feeling that some of you would go on over to eBay and outbid me just to see how much higher I would go. I’ll let you know what it is when I win it! (And I do have a limit on what I will spend. And I’ll be heartbroken if it goes to someone else for just a teensy bit over that. Sigh.)

Our church just launched a new website. Western Heights hasn’t had a website until now, and our vision committee has been working on making us more relevant and “findable” to younger families. Wes has spent a lot of time working on this and some new outreach ideas — he’s so great. Here’s the link, if you’re interested in seeing our church’s first steps onto the Web…


We watched the debate last night. I remember back four years ago, discussing the election with a group of classmates before our History of Christian Missions class began. Most of them were very concerned by the possibility of having a liberal president and were insistent that we all pray fervently for Bush to be re-elected. I remember one classmate, a Bush supporter, who said that the election didn’t concern him. So what if Kerry was elected? It wasn’t as if mainstream America was conservative anyway, and pretending that we were made it all the more difficult to, in his words, “separate the wheat from the chaff.” In his estimation, a liberal president would only make the difference between Biblical truth and humanistic philosophy all the more pronounced, which would wake us up to the reality of our unfinished work as servants of Christ.

By no means am I saying that I want acts like same-sex marriage and partial birth abortion to become the accepted norm in our country, but if they should become that, I think it’d get a whole lot of Christians up off their backsides and truly committed to Christ and the task He’s given us. It’s too easy to be complacent when we foolishly believe (which we do!) that the majority of our nation knows Christ. THEY. DO. NOT. Perhaps a liberal president would wake us up to the lostness of our country. Because you know what? They’re lost no matter who sits in the White House. We just won’t care as much if we have a conservative in office. (Because we can just go on pretending that we’re still “one nation under God.”) I’m still voting as a conservative, but my world will not be lost if America’s choice reflects our modern liberal values. Bring it on, I say! Separate that wheat from the chaff!

And I have to go now. I just hurt Emma’s feelings by telling her that she can’t play in the dogs’ water bowl. So, so sensitive!

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