Jon and Kate Plus Eight

I’m watching “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” and I’m just kind of speechless. Kind of. I have enough words left to say this — does Kate totally hate Jon? She makes the most cutting, rude remarks to him and about him during every episode that I’ve ever seen. I can understand how having eight children (six of whom are toddlers) could kind of make you irritable some days, but wow. She made him a sweatshirt that said “I love Kate” for Valentine’s Day that was two sizes too small. When he tried to explain to her that he hadn’t been able to wear that size since middle school, she chewed him out about not loving her enough to wear it. !?! This is like an incredible case study in what years of belittling and nagging will do to a man. His face just goes blank when she blabs on and on to the cameras about his faults, flaws, and shortcomings.

And I have to ask myself this… WHY am I watching this show?! The kids are adorable. That’s why. You’ve just got to love that cuddly little Joel and the cute things he says. Sigh.

I’ve been feeling sick lately. Just totally nauseated for no good reason. All I want to eat are peanut butter sandwiches. And I’m exhausted. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m positive that I’m NOT pregnant. (Besides, irrational crying is always the first sign of a wee one in my world. And I haven’t cried in months.) Maybe I’m coming down with the flu. A strange, peanut butter-craving flu. Hmm.

Wes is working at the church now. They’re still working on the remodel of the children’s wing. Monday nights are always a bit crazy with the girls as a result, what with trying to bathe them both by myself. Actually bathing them isn’t the problem. It’s getting them dressed afterwards without leaving either one in the bathtub unattended. (Wes usually comes in and takes Ana and gets her dressed, leaving me free to take Emma and get her dressed.) Without Wes here to help, it never fails — one of the girls always takes off running once she’s out of the bathtub, streaking through the living room diaper-less while I’m stuck in the bathroom drying her sister off. (Shut the door, right? Well, I have to leave it open since I can’t carry them both. I always try to herd them into one of their bedrooms, but it never works without at least one or two laps around the living room.) I always thought I would have it more together as a mom, but chasing naked babies around the house sure can make you feel like you’re just barely getting by. Hmm. Maybe Kate has nights like this, too, except with six streakers. No wonder she’s irritated.

And there you have it. A post about nothing. Hope you’re having a good start to your week!

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