World Crafts Village

EDIT: Don’t anyone rush out and buy me that tree skirt!!! (Ha! As if any of you were rushing to the phone to make an order on my behalf!) The sale of Wes’s games on ebay ended, and he just used some of the money to buy the tree skirt for me! What is the deal with him lately?! He’s being super, super sweet! More so than usual!

I’m about to make your Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. And that’s good news, right?
This site is World Crafts Village, a company that gives artists living in third world countries an opportunity to sell their indigenous crafts to buyers worldwide. World Crafts Village is a sub-division of the International Mission Board, so when you buy from them, you’re helping to provide a better life for the people our Southern Baptist missionaries are reaching with the Gospel even now. Their prices are excellent, and the products are AMAZING! When you click on the link, you can go to the Fall 08 catalog, which is full of one-of-a-kind gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. You can print out an order form and mail it in or call them directly to place orders over the phone. I spoke with a very friendly representative this morning, and she was able to give me last-minute details on sales and specials and lowered the cost of my order by shipping my items to me for free. Yay! Unique Christmas gifts that bless not only the giver and the receiver but also people in need around the world — what a wonderful opportunity!

If you do happen to check out the magazine, the nativity on page 9, the one from Bethlehem, is now on SALE for $49.99. This is thirty dollars off the original price, and the rep I spoke to said that it was just gorgeous in person. (For those who are interested, Wes and I treated each other to the Bethlehem nativity and the Vietnamese nativity. We had never been able to find a Vietnamese nativity anywhere else, and since we met there, this set was a much sought-after treasure for our collection. Yay! )

And thus ends my commercial. Check it out and pass it along!

Our church is having the big Thanksgiving meal tonight. Wes is taking four cans of cranberry sauce (his signature Thanksgiving dish — LOL!), I’m making a pound cake, and Ana and Emma are bringing a corn dish. If no one else shows, we’ll have an interesting meal on our hands, won’t we? I’m looking forward to being back at church after our absence this weekend. I know Ana and Emma will be excited to see everyone as well. They love shaking hands at church!

The girls are visiting the doctor tomorrow for a follow-up on their one year and two year shots. I’m very excited because there has been some progress (albeit not much) on the potty training front since our last visit. Yes! My goal in life is not to impress our doctor, but I’m glad that instead of sighing and mumbling “no” when she asks if we’re having any success with potty training, I’ll be able to say, “Why, yes! Yes, we are! With BOTH of them!” Ana went to the potty this week, and her success was so well celebrated that she cried later when she had an accident. (She told me that she needed to go — we just didn’t get to the potty in time. I think she was going as she was frantically yelling, “Potty, Mommy! Potty!”) Not that I enjoy Ana feeling bad about going in her diaper, but it’s a good sign that she’s finally putting the whole puzzle together and understands what she should be doing. Meanwhile, Em has snubbed her nose at the whole thing and hasn’t had a success since last week. We went from being a Potty Superstar to a casual observer of Ana’s attempts. Sigh.

BC is being super clingy as of late. Do dogs go through a change of life? Have I blogged about this before? It’s sounds funny that I’m asking about this, but I seriously think that she’s going through something hormonally. (She was actually spayed as a puppy, so I’m not sure how any of this is possible…. hmm…) We can’t sit down without BC all up in our laps, trying to nuzzle up to us, her cold nose always where it is most unappreciated. She always has to have some part of hers on some part of us. Highly annoying, and it just about drives Ana bananas. If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, “No, no, BeeCees!” this past week, I would buy myself that Thailand nativity tree skirt from World Crafts Village. Oops, did I just slip in another commercial for that incredible site? I think I did!

Okay, well, I need to get started on that pound cake and the many other things on the to do list for the day. Oh, and for those who were wondering, the Cocomotion is fabulous! Wes and I have enjoyed hot chocolate in the evenings after the girls go to sleep, and I’ve been enjoying a cup each morning. I started it up this morning when Ana woke up, letting her sit on the counter to watch it whirl, and it totally freaked her out. Not the reaction I thought she was going to have! I wonder if Emma will like watching it…

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