Doctor’s appointment today where we learned that Ana is petite and Emma is not. Oh, that’s right — we already knew that, didn’t we?

What WAS news to us, though, was that Emma is too old for her pacifier. Or so the doctor says. And while I know that every child is different and you can’t slap a “right age” on something like giving up a pacifier, I tend to agree with the doctor that Emma’s time has come. (We took Ana’s from her at eighteen months. With her world turning upside down at this point last year with a continental move, it would have been cruel to take it any sooner.)

Naptime wasn’t good, but after screaming for two hours straight, Em joined us in the kitchen with nothing but smiles and forgiveness for our cruelty. Tonight, she went down, cried for about five minutes… and is currently blissfully asleep. Without the pacifier! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we won’t hear anything until morning.

I found some Christmas pjs while we were out and about, so I went ahead and took some pictures for our Christmas cards/letters.

Oh, how I love these two little girls! And they really seem to love their new flannel and festive pjs, so it’s a win-win situation all the way around.
It is all kinds of cold here in Oklahoma. I think this just might be the first real cold front of the season. Uh… yay? As much as I dislike cold weather and would prefer to be in one hundred plus degree sunshine year-round, I take comfort in the fact that some people out there are REALLY excited about the dramatic drop in temperature. Wes is one of them. So, yay for y’all! I’ve got to start hauling my sweaters and coats out soon…
I have a mystery date on Saturday. Wes told me to be ready to leave at nine in the morning, when an unknown chaperone would whisk me away for the rest of the day. I have no idea who is picking me up, why he/she is doing so, or where we’re going. I just know that my girls are staying behind with Wes and his family (who are coming into town tomorrow), and I’m getting a little break from cleaning, cooking, diapering, dog-watching, etc. And how could that be anything but just blissfully wonderful?!
Think that’s about it for now…

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