Productive week here at the Faulk house! I’ve managed, somehow, to get FIVE weeks worth of curriculum done this week. We’re good to go up until February now, so I can actually enjoy the holiday season without this weighing on my mind the whole time. Yay!

I finished our Christmas letters and pictures and put them in the mail yesterday. Wes is taking the ones for church members with him to work today, which means that I’m done with that. All the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. I’ll probably be sad in a couple of weeks that I have no gifts to wrap while listening to Christmas music and enjoying the actual week of Christmas… but right now, I’m glad for the early finish.

Hyundai issued a warranty recall on our year and model’s passenger airbag (which is kind of important), so Wes took it up to the dealership yesterday to get it fixed. Since it would take more than a few days to fix and we’re a one vehicle family, they gave him a loaner car. Last night, he pulled up in a Santa Fe. We drive a Sonata. I don’t know how much you know about Hyundai cars, but the Santa Fe is their super nice SUV, while the Sonata is a mid-size sedan. We were riding in style on our way to church last night, talking about how wonderful it would be to have a Santa Fe. But then, we fell under conviction, realizing that our Sonata is more than enough car/room/safety for our family… in fact, it’s way better than what we thought we’d be able to buy when we came back to the US. Why do we always want something bigger and better when what we have is more than enough? It’s a mystery. It’s really easy to see this tendency in myself when it comes to something like cars (which I couldn’t care either way about most days) but not so easy when it comes to things like… um… jewelry. (I get blinded by bling!) I’m challenged to remember, as I spend these next few days riding around in a car that’s much bigger and nicer than I need, that we have more than enough as it is. And I’ll be content with that and work on being content in all things.

We haven’t gotten any snow yet, but it’s cold enough for it. I bundled the girls up in their winter coats last night for church, and they were super cute, so that made the cold a little more enjoyable. We had to run to Wal Mart afterwards to pick up some groceries, and Ana expressed her undying love for milk. Or, as she calls it, “mik.”

On today’s agenda — straighten up/clean up the house and attempt to organize the toys before the Christmas loot takes over every inch of space in our home. That should be enough to keep me busy all day.
Hope you’re having a great day where you are!

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