We went back to the dentist yesterday, where I received the most fabulous of all surprises. See, the dentist had identified four cavities in my mouth (I know!), but while filling the first two, she took another look at the last two, said that they didn’t need to be filled (yet), and saved me both a world of pain and a sizable chunk of change. Yay! I do realize that in six months she’ll probably choose to fill those last two, but that’s six months away, so I’m not going to think about it now. My parents came into town to watch the girls for us, since we learned earlier in the week that a tiny waiting room isn’t the most ideal place for a one year old and a two year old to spend a couple of hours with only one parent at a time watching them. This made the morning much, much easier, if you can believe that. Afterwards, Wes and I were able to go and eat lunch and hold hands while we walked around the mall. Life is so different without strollers and chicken nuggets. We hardly know how to function without them!

When we got home, we got a phone call letting us know that my rings were back at the jewelry store, resized. Woo-hoo! We packed the girls up after their nap and headed to yet another mall to pick the rings up. They fit MUCH better now, but I kept them about half a size too large. You know, in the very likely event that as I age I’ll gain a pound or twenty. Ha! I walked around the rest of the evening looking down at my hand and telling Wes that he’s awesome. I was especially glad to get them back before next week, when we will celebrate our fourth anniversary. Aww…

This is probably the worst time of the year to have an anniversary, but we sure did love having a Christmas wedding. We have big plans to celebrate this year, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that no one will get sick and ruin the plans. (Our first anniversary I spent throwing up with morning sickness courtesy of Ana, our second anniversary I spent throwing up with morning sickness courtesty of Emma, and our third anniversary was spent cleaning up Ana and Emma’s vomit as they struggled through their first American illnesses. We’re hoping for a barf-free anniversary this year. Is that too much to hope for?)

Emma has learned something new. For about the past six months now, whenever Em has started to cry for whatever reason, Ana gets hysterical and starts yelling, “No, no, no!” while shaking her finger at Emma. We’re not sure why. Anyway, this morning, as the girls were enjoying some Krispy Kreme donuts that Papa picked up for them yesterday, Emma bit her lip or something and started crying at the table. Ana started in with the finger shaking, took in a breath to start yelling, and was cut short when EMMA shot her a look, raised her own little finger, and started screaming, “NO, NO, NO!!!” Oh, my. I’m not sure who was more surprised — us or Ana, who looked totally bewildered by a taste of her own medicine. And while we’re glad that Emma is developing a little sister backbone and standing up for herself, we’re not so glad that the Faulk house cattiness is amping up a level. Fun days ahead, y’all!

I’m working on some things for the church today and just generally taking it easy. Yay for lazy Saturdays…

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