I wrote a big, long post last night… and then somehow managed to delete it. Sigh. We had just driven seven hours with a sick baby, so I think that might have had something to do with inability to coherently post a thought.

Busy week last week! We went down to San Antonio the day after Christmas and returned last night. Here’s just a taste of our week, in pictures…

Yes — Christmas, a first haircut, Chuck E. Cheese, a whole lot of running around, etc, etc. (The girls also went to Sea World with Coach and Nana, which I don’t have pictures of since Wes and I opted to do lunch and a movie out together instead. ) It was a restful week… until the very end. Ana and Emma sleep in side by side pack and plays when we visit San Antonio, and on this particular trip, Ana learned how to launch her little body out of her pack and play and into Emma’s, which was fine. So, I wasn’t surprised on New Year’s Day to go in and find them both sitting up in Emma’s pack and play. I was, however, surprised to find that they were absolutely covered in vomit. Poor Emmy was bad, bad sick, y’all. Too much partying on New Year’s Eve, I suppose. (Or, more likely, a stomach bug, which she promptly gave to Mommy.) After many more sick incidents, we got back home to Oklahoma last night (without Miss Ana, who stayed behind at my parents’ house in an effort to keep from getting the bug), where Emma ate a pancake and kept it down all night. She’s been back to her normal self today. Yay! (As I have also been. Yay for that!) Ana’s coming home tomorrow, and we’ll all be well again. We hope!

We are super excited about the new year around here. We’re reminded daily of how faithful God is, and we hope to please and glorify Him in all that we do in this next year. Can’t wait!

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