Wes had a day off today. Half of it he spent finishing up visitation for the week and spending some time in the office. But the other half of it he spent with me, curled up on the couch together while the girls napped, catching up online with the shows we’ve missed during the most insane week of church work EVER. I love him so much.

Ana is learning words that I don’t remember teaching her. Hmm. Tonight, she laid down on her tummy in the bathtub, smiled over at me, and said, “Mommy, I’m a mermaid!” What in the world?! Where did she learn that? It was cute, though, especially when Emma laid down next to her and my mermaids nearly sloshed all the water out of the tub. Aww!

Emma ate a packing peanut yesterday. (Or at least part of one.) Did you know that when those things get wet they shrink and shrivel up? Makes me wonder if it puffs back out when it finds its way into a dry tummy or intestine. Guess we’ll know in another bowel movement, won’t we?

Reese has become an inside dog. We’ve been having nineteen degree days (yikes!), so she has suddenly gotten very serious about this whole housetraining business. BC is greatly irritated by this and has been working overtime to keep the pup in her place. Snapping jaws, surprise attacks, pinning her to the ground — Reese thinks it’s all great fun! Which, I’m sure, was not BC’s intention.

I managed to get several weeks of curriculum done this week. We’re set through the first weekend of March. Woo-hoo!

My college roommate is running, like, her tenth marathon this weekend. I say “like” because I’ve lost count. I’m encouraged and inspired by her accomplishments, especially since she took up running only a few years ago. I don’t know that I’ll ever run a marathon, but I’m challenged to stay fit and healthy, to make good choices, and to be in the best shape possible.

I’m very thankful for so many things tonight. Great day. Great night. Great week.

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